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“Turkey could declare EEZ in Eastern Mediterranean,” says FM

Turkey could declare an Evclusive Economic Zone in ​​the Eastern Mediterranean if needed to protect its fishing rights, Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said on Saturday.

The minister said that while the declaration of a continental shelf is sufficient to secure all the undersea resources, especially hydrocarbons, the declaration of an exclusive economic zone is important for fishing.

Noting that Turkey has a similar zone in the Black Sea, Cavusoglu argued that “we can also declare it in the Mediterranean.”

“If fishing is an important sector and priority for us in the Mediterranean and there is such a need, it will be done. The necessary measures must be taken for this, but because there was no such need in the Mediterranean, no exclusive economic zone has been declared,” he said.

PS Pf course, EEZs are not declared unilateral but after agreements between countries. But this is small print for Turkey.

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One comment

  1. Turkey’s declarations are becoming increasingly boring.

    Erdogan’s son even says that Europe won’t be around soon. An Islamic terroritist’s wishful thinking. What they say is not always true and usually is not.

    Europe will be around when he won’t. Isn’t this the guy dealing in ISIS oil before his autocratic father collaborated with Hamas, the Muslim brotherhood. etc.

    They can declare all they like. These pirates are humiliated at the border, at sea, or even in the media that they can not censor. They must now abide by the Law of trhe Seas. Their provocations have gone too far. Recent defense agreements allies dictyate how this i like the movie “A Bronx Tale” when he tells the unlawful criominals, “nows yous can’t leave”.