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Two pilgrims go missing in bad weather on Mt Athos – SAR underway UPD

A search and rescue operation in underway on Mount Athos after two pilgrims went missing since Friday night.

According to preliminary information by local media, the two men are members of a group of nine Ukrainian pilgrim who decided to climb to a mountain in the monks’ republic despite bad weather conditions and incessant rainfall.

When the group began to climb down, the two men were left behind and at some point the other 7 realized that they were absent. they returned to find them but with no success.

They informed the Fire Service that launched an operation short after 6 a.m. with a team of 8 firefighters and another form the EMAK rescue unit.

According to the Fire Service, the signal they received indicates that the two disoriented persons were near the Agios Pavlos monastery.

Saturday morning, the weather conditions are good.

The adventure fo rthe two pilgrims had a happy ending when they were located by policemen. They had sought shelter in the cave near the Monastery of Megali Lara. They are in good health, media reported.

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