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Covid recovery certificates to be possible only with PCR test

Unvaccinated citizens in Greece will only be able to procure a certificate of recent recovery from Covid-19 only with a molecular PCR test and not with a Rapid test as it was possible until today. This is what the Greek National Vaccination Committee has advised.

These PCR tests will also be required when unvaccinated citizens who recent recovered from Covid-19 would want to enter any indoor recreation and entertainment areas,

Current rules stipulate that the certificate can be issued with either a PCR or a rapid antigen test, which has created many loopholes in the system.

One real life example is that neither doctors nor employers know whether an employee recently recovered from Covid-19 can return to work with a negative Rapid test, while the PCR is still positive.

The health experts of the Vaccination Committee are also mulling shortening the validity of the certificate which currently stands at six months.

PCR tests are more expensive than rapid tests but more accurate in detecting Covid-19.

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  1. I know of some people who were vaccinated, but caught Covid, and can’t return to work without the Covid test, and I guess, the Covid recovery certificate. I’m assuming that this now replaces their vaccination certificate.

    I’ve been reading studies online which say that antibodies from Covid tend to last longer than vaccine antibodies. At some point, maybe we will all be getting antibody level tests. Counting antibodies makes more sense than counting time.