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Greece prepares for 4th vaccine dose even a month after the booster shot

Greece’s National Vaccination Committee rushes to decide on a fourth dose of vaccine against Covid-19 for a special category of people. The 4th dose could be administered even one month after the booster shot, the 3rd dose, media report on Thursday afternoon.

Greece reaction comes less than 12 hours after Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla said that a “4th vaccine dose might be needed due to the Omicron variant.

The National Vaccination Committee has reportedly scheduled to meet next week and decide on the possibility of the 4th dose of vaccine even one month after the booster shot, state broadcaster ERT and medical issues websites in Greece reported.

The 4th dose is not thought for the general population, however, but for immune-compromised citizens who need bigger protection as some are not in position to develop antibodies.

Speaking to medical issues website, President of the Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou, confirmed the news saying “it is on the table to discuss the issue  in the Committee and it is among the issues that are being discussed internationally.”

Theodoridou stressed: “What I want to emphasize, because people are confused, is that it is not for the general population. If there is a group that will take a fourth dose, to emphasize it, these are people who have a specific problem of immune-suppression, e.g. those who have received transplants.”

Regarding the time when the 4th dose will be administered to this category of the population, Theodoridou underlined that it may be one month after the 3rd dose.

“We will discuss in the Commission when the fourth dose should be administered. It can be earlier than 3 months after the 3rd dose. It could be on a month,” Theodoridou said.

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  2. At which point will people start to realise how ridiculous this is ? All evidence so far point to Omicron having mild syptoms, so what’s the panic? ( Except to sell more vaccines of course )

    • The current booster shots are still for varriant A, the modified injection for Delta is in final trial phase, but not the one you will get right now. Get yourself informed people, your 4th booster will be as useless as your third against Delta, leave alone omicron…

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