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Gov’t to hire 4,000 nurses, 910 doctors to strengthen health system, says minister

Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced that the Ministry will hire 4,000 nurses and 910 doctors to strengthen the Greek health care system. The Minister made the announcement during a visit of the new health center in Patras, wester Peloponnese on Sunday.

He said that the pandemic is at its peak, however, the course is descending.

One and a half year after the pandemic started and with thousands of medical and nursing staff off duty due to the vaccination mandate, Plevris announced the government will finally proceed to the strengthening of the health system.

He added that 4,000 nurses and 910 doctors and “other staff’ will be hired in due time adding that there are currently 2,069 permanent doctors and 12,000 auxiliary ones.

What is interesting is that Plevris announcement comes just right after the social outrage over the “hiring of 4,000 priests“, a wish the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece would put high on the agenda of a meeting with PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

The whole government plan against the pandemic hasn’t proven very successful, so far, as donated ICU beds remained off operation due to shortage of specialized staff and an unknown number of Covid-patients are being intubated outside the ICUs.

Opposition parties blames the government for the over 19,000 Covid-deaths, some 4,000 of them to have occurred since October.

Greece has one of the highest death rates per million in Europe.

PS We only hope that the hiring will indeed takes place and it’s not a communication firework to balance the 4,000 priests.

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  1. I am reading elsewhere that these priests are already on gvmnt payroll and do not offer their services pro bono (hence their official placement is something of no real significance). So I wonder, do they actually work pro bono or not?

  2. I do not know of what statics you follow, but you do make false news! I thik it’s never good journalism not to write even a name with the article, what is written + it would be more clear to let people to know your political view – which is not objective, but far left! Please, AT LEAST, check information (for example page) and then correct what you are riting about Greece having “one of the highest” number of deaths! Some professional way of being as journalist – or even trying to be so!