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Omicron data: Shorter hospitalization rates, no need for oxygen, says health official

Reinfection by the current Omicron variant is 5.4 times more likely among people who have already been infected with coronavirus variants previously, Head of Greece National Vaccination Committee Maria Theodoridou pointed out at a regular live briefing on Monday.

She clarified that the Omicron variant of Covid-19 is transmitted very fast to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people.

As for the severity of Covid-19 once infected with the Omicron coronavirus, she noted that patients with this variant who are admitted to hospitals do not need oxygen, and their hospitalization usually lasts for two days, a much shorter time than the 8 days on average for those admitted with previous variants of coronavirus.

She also said that Omicron’s mortality rate currently stands at 6.6%, a much lower percentage than the 17% mortality rate observed in earlier mutations.

At least 40,000 children aged 5-11 have been booked for vaccination – since December 15, when vaccination for their age group began – and more than 6,000 of these have already received a dose, Secretary General for Primary Health Care Marios Themistocleous said at the briefing.

Regarding booster shots, Themistocleous said that 50 pct of the 5,770,000 people eligible for a third dose have so far received it. [amna]

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  1. Hi KTG, what happened to your cat? I would have expected a ‘ps’ from her here :-). A mortality rate of 17% in earlier mutations ??? In another post of today, you mention that the total number of cases amount to 1 037 759 (in reality probably a lot more as not all cases are detected and people get it without being sick, so without being tested). If 17% of these people would have died, total number of deaths would have been 176 419. According to your other post, actual number is 19 976. Earlier, the WHO reported that the infection fatality rate is only 0.23% (globally, for all ages) and 0.05% for people younger than 70 years old.
    Or is it 17% of people that need to go to the hospital? Or 17% of those on the intensive care?

    • unfortunately the cat passed away beginning of the month. She was 15 & suffering from diabetes for quite some years. The youngest one has not recovered from the mourning yet, and therefore she’s still unable to assume a role as commentator.
      So far, we stick with the data as they are realized by health authorities & officials.

    • A good point… maybe somthig is wrong with the greek statistics… I cant tell you any more, because of the prosecutors or the “guardians of the constitution” Butyou can dig deeper on your own. Hint: compare the reported coronadeath to the reported z-scores on euromomo…you may be surprised

    • It appears the Greek government is deliberately vague with the figures.

      A 17 % mortality rate for previous variants for whom exactly ?
      A 6.6% mortality rate for Omicron for whom and where ? is this worldwide ? in Greece ? the moon possibly ?

      Figures without reference are meaningless.

    • You are correct…not sure where she came up with the 17%-6.6% but that is complete horse Dookey
      What is troubling with this misinformation is that many people will believe it adding to panick and fear