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Greece’s Epidemiologists’ Committee to convene for additional measures

The Εpidemiologists committee at Greece’s Health Ministry will convene tomorrow, Monday, December 27, in the context of the constant epidemiological supervision and evaluation of the condition under the shadow of Omicron variant.

Τhe committee is reportedly highly concerned over a new significant worsening of the pandemic.

The committee will examine the epidemiological data and will evaluate the measures imposed for the reduction of the virus’ spread.

Media report that the committee will propose additional measures against the pandemic if considered necessary. 

Last Thursday, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced that a second package of measures would be implement after the Christmas holidays.

According to Plevris but also media today Sunday, the additional measures will affect shorter operation times of restaurants and entertainment. the measures are supposed ot be in force for two weeks.

Business owners of these two sectors are certainly not thrilled on the possibility to have to miss increased revenues for the rest of the holiday season, including the New Year’s Eve.

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  1. putting it together: the greek government was not able to protect their people since two years. in every company those responsible would have been fired long ago…

  2. How should and could 1(one), gouvernment stop a pandemic raging all over the whole world??? Please, give us the solution! So stupid!!!