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Covid-measures: 55,000 police inspections in one day, fines and arrests

Greek Police had carried out a total 55,005 inspections on the second day since the new measures against Covid-19 went into effect, on December 24.. The inspections carried out throughout Greece resulted into 6 arrests, 369 fines for not wearing a mask and the operation suspension of four stores.

According to a press release by the Greek Police, of the total inspections 18,118 took place at the Athens International Airport “Eleftherios Venizelos”, yesterday, Saturday, December 25.

A total of 422 violations of the protective measures were confirmed.

365 fines of 300-euro each were imposed for not wearing a mask and another four of 150-euro for the same reason.

Police revoked the license of two night clubs in Attica, because the facilities were opened on Christmas Day despite a previous shut down again due to violations of the measures.

Fines were also imposed for violation of the anti-smoking law.

The arrests of 6 business owners took place because they had violated the relevant legislation of non-use of mask by customers, higher occupancy per square meter than allowed by law, customers without valid Covid-certificates inside and violation of shut down order.

The minimum fine for businesses is 5,000 euros and a 15-day shut down of operation.

The new measures went into force on December 24 and the Health Ministry had warned that there would be “much more inspections during the holidays than throughout the year.”

PS Anti-smoking law violations? Now? Seriously? It looks as if Greece that loves to impose punitive measures and collect fines once it considers it has to implement the laws.

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  1. I saw solitary figures walking along the beach wearing a mask. Also pedestrians along the Paralia in Thessaloniki at great distance to others. Isn’t that a bit too much?

  2. Wouldn’t it be ironic if just a few of the thousands of (presumably vaccinated) officers were asymptomatic carriers?
    Thereby turning the whole inspections process into a super-spreader event ! 😎.

  3. I must have missed the announcement that Rethymno is exempt from the mask mandate.
    This morning I passed a group of police officers chatting amicably while a least thirty percent of passers by were unmasked.