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Minimum wage in Greece to rise by 2% as of 1.1.2022

The minimum wage for staff and laborers will rise by 2% as of January 1, 2022, Greece’s Labor Ministry said on Monday, following a decision by Labor & Social Affairs Minister Kostis Hatzidakis.

The decision follows up on a cabinet approval in July.

According to the ministry, the legal minimum wage for full-time staff or laborers is as follows:

a) For staff, the minimum wage rises to 663 euros (from 650 euros) per month.
b) For laborers, the minimum wage also rises to 29.62 euros (from 29.04 euros) per day.

PS Laborers and staff must be truly thrilled to have 12 euros gross more per month or 0.58 cents per day now that the inflation must be over 5% by January *rolling eyes*

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  1. Minimum wage for laborers 29+ Euros per hour? That can’t be correct. I guess that would by far be the world’s highest minimum wage. Minimum wage in Germany, for example, is about 10 Euros per hour and the new social-democratic chancellor wants to push it up to 12 Euros, which is considered ambitious.

  2. Wow !
    29 euro per hour

    Happy New Year KTG and thank you


  3. the P.S. says it all………… 😉