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Anti-vaxxer Bishop Kosmas dies of Covid-19 in Athens hospital ICU

Well-known for his stance against Covid-vaccines, the Bishop of Aetolia and Akarnania, Kosmas, has died on Covid-19 on Monday morning. The 76-year-old bishop was hospitalized since the beginning of December and his transfer to an ICU bed in Athens had triggered an outrage as other patients were not given this option.

Bishop Kosmas, who had refused to get vaccinated against the virus, was admitted to a hospital in Agrinio on December 1 with Covid-19 infection before being moved to an ICU room at the biggest hospital in Athens, Evangelismos.

He was intubated for 25 days and was taken off recently. He had suffered irreversible damages.

Kosmas was a vociferous critic of government measures to contain the spread of coronavirus, including the use of masks and the vaccines against the pandemic.

The bishop’s unvaccinated sister had also contracted the virus and passed away on Dec 13.

During a sermon in 2020, Kosmas had reportedly lashed at those who were reluctant to attend a packed church, calling them “unfaithful.”

“God does not allow you to be infected. God does not infect! It is a holy place, the temple is heavenly,” he said.

Last year, Kosmas was summoned by the Holy Synod to explain himself over his “disobedience and disrespect of the unanimous decision of the collective body of the Church of Greece” regarding the coronavirus health measures during the Easter period.

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  1. “God does not allow you to be infected “!!!!
    Obviously his god didn’t think much of him.

    • No not a lot at all. Let’s hope this will be a lesson to his believers and followers. Also, let’s hope a valuable ICU bed isn’t given to another unvaccinated person, priest or not.

    • Well you see, god was testing him. He failed.

  2. No other comment needed ……

  3. so, let’s not forget: he did not want to be in the ICU and was only put there with a court ‘order’ essentially imposing his forced hospitalization. There’s enough here smelling rotten to stink up the whole country, if the whole country werent already stinking to high heaven from the rest of the corruption.

  4. Darwin wins again against religious nutcases. Perhaps it might not be nice of me but I have no sympathy for people like him. He probably caused much damage with his position.

    In Serbia, the patriarch of the Serbian Orthodox church (who was also against vaccination) died more than a year ago. He contracted Covid after he led the ceremony for the burial of a big priest in Montenegro, who was also against vaccination. Many people did not wear masks, were probably not vaccinated and were kissing the icons. So did the patriarch and a few weeks later he was dead.

    I know many people who are against vaccinations and people are getting sick and dying left and right. “God will protect me”, they say. Well God send you vaccinations but you wouldn’t listen.