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Greece caps price for PCR test at 47 euros following massive pressure

The cost of PCR molecular tests for Covid-19 at private laboratories and clinics will be capped to 47 euros as of Thursday, January 6, The Development Ministry announced on Tuesday. The cap comes after immense pressure by Greeks on social media who demanded free PCR tests as well as by opposition parties.

The ministry decision stipulates that the maximum service charge (sample analysis, etc.), including the required reagents and consumables, will be 35 euros and the maximum charge for sampling in private diagnostic laboratories and private clinics, will be 12 euros.

The cap does not apply to tests where the sample is taken outside the laboratory or clinic.

PCR-tests are currently available at a cost of 60 euros even though they are even cheaper in some laboratories outside urban centers, some Greeks report on social media.

Or more expressive to 80-100 euros if one wants quicker results, as some media report and even 120 if the test has to be conducted at home. For 60 euros the results reportedly come out in 48 hours, when it was 36 hours in late spring and 8 hours in September.

Delays in the results end up in immense troubles for employees who need a PCR confirmation to be on paid leave as the registration system does not accept positive Rapid test.

But Greece is Greece and will always maintain the glorious Greek struggle to squeeze the last cent out of the people’s pockets.

The Greek Medical Association (PIS) went so far to say that further reducing the price of PCR molecular tests for Covid-19 could jeopardize their reliability.

“A further reduction in price may lead to a reduction in the quality of the services provided. At the same time, it will deprive this service of areas where there are only small laboratories and not large providers, as they will not be able to afford the costs of PCR tests and will be forced to stop conducting them,” PIS reportedly said in a press release.

PIS added that the current price in our country is in the EU average and therefore covers the costs of diagnostic laboratories and clinics.

In countries like Cyprus the cost for a PCR is at 20-25 euros, in some other European countries like Belgium at 40 euros.

Irrespective of the price for PCR still at €60 and Rapid at €10, Greeks keep lining up for hours outside public and private facilities and pharmacies also on Tuesday

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