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2.5% of Greece’s population are “active cases” – Updated COVID-MAP

Over  230,000 people are estimated to be active cases across Greece, health experts said during the live briefing on Thursday. “2.5 percent of the population are active cases,” they added implying that the total population was 9.2 and not 10 million. Yet, independently of the health ministry’s maths, the COVID-MAP updated on January 11 shows again that the majority of the regional units are in “deep red”, the highest level of pandemic infections.

Interactive COVID-MAP in English here.

At the life briefing member of the Epidemiologists Committee Vana Papaevangelou said that a lots of Omicron infections are being recorded on the islands and on Crete, while particularly high epidemiological load is being identified in regional units like Xanthi, Fokida, Evros, Kastoria and Fthiotida. More on live briefing below the  map of Jan 8.

Daily coronavirus cases per regional unit here.

To compare: COVID-MAP Jan 8

Live Briefing

At the life briefing health experts said that the fact that the Omicron variant give milder symptoms, does not justify any complacency.

They added that the Delta mutation still gives new cases and several hospitalizations and referring to Attica they said that one in two admitted to hospitals in the last week has been infected with Delta.

Referring to children and the opening of schools, they said that according to EODY data, from last Sunday to Tuesday, more than 2 million children were tested and the positivity index in them remains extremely low at 1.4%.

The experts also noted:

  • an average of 31,000 cases each day for the past seven days.
  • the positivity rate is at 9% with declining trends in recent days.

Infections have been “transferred” to “older ages“: beginning of December the median age of infected people cases was 29 years, now it is 39 years. One in two confirmed cases is now between the ages of 35-44.

The number of patients in hospitals across the country has reached 5,000 while there is a 40% increase in hospitalizations in the last week with 582 new admissions on average every day.

7 out of 10 patients are over 55 years old and 1 in 6 is unvaccinated.

Pressure in the health system: 67% occupancy in normal beds, 88% occupancy in Covid-ICUs.

The health experts predicted that the number of around 600 intubated patients would remain also the next two weeks.

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  1. should we put on 3 masks?

  2. As far as I can tell, on Crete it is Omicron that has been driving the extremely rapid growth in cases but there is still sufficient Delta circulating that Delta accounts for most of the hospitalisations, especially the more serious ones. It looks like it is now starting to reach a peak here. If that is correct, given that Omicron seems to produce a relatively short illness in most people, the numbers will start to come down quite quickly…hopefully.