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Family tragedy in Andravida: Father, mother, two babies found killed

A tragedy took place in north-western Peloponnese, where a man, his wife and two underage children were brutally killed on Wednesday evening. One 10-year-old child, a boy, from the mother’s previous marriage survived the carnage because he was not at home when the tragedy took place in the family’s home in Andravida, western Peloponnese.

It was the surviving boy who found the bodies and rushed outside screaming, dragging the body of one of the babies and screaming for help, local media ilialive reports.

According to local media patrisnews, the killed children were 1 and 2 years old.

Police officers rushed to the house, a medical examiner followed.

Initially authorities suspected that the mother and the children were killed by their own father who later committed suicide.

However, following inspection, police does not rule out that a third person is the perpetrator.

Citing unconfirmed information, ilialive reports that the children has indications of strangulation and the father was killed most likely with an axe.

A cartridge was also found inside the house.

As this is a developing story more details have not become known, other that the family father was Albanian national and the mother Rumanian. The family had been living in the town in the last two years.

According to latest information, police is seeking for the ex husband of the mother.

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