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Landlord confesses murder of family incl two toddlers; he claims “unpaid rent”; police investigates also racism

The main suspect for the quadruple murder of a family including of two toddlers in Andravida was arrested late Friday  night. The 60 year-old landlord has reportedly shot the parents and suffocated the children over “unpaid rent,” as he claimed. Police, however, investigates also a racist motive.

Media report on Saturday that the man has confessed to the killing.

“They didn’t pay the rent,” the man has allegedly confessed to police local media report early Saturday afternoon.

The bodies of the 32-year-old father from Albania, the 37-year-old mother from Romania and two children aged 1 and 2 years old were found by the third child of the family, 10-year-old son of the mother from previous marriage, on Wednesday evening. KTG’s report here.

According to local media patrisnews, autopsy showed that the woman was killed with one bullet in the head, the father with two from a pistol. The children was killed through asphyxiation, with the closure of mouth and nose.

The landlord had fled the scene and the town right after the horrendous crime.

Police located the man and and his car in the area of Ilia on Friday and launched a large-scale operation for his apprehension. Police forces followed the car and apprehended him in Patras, in NW Peloponnese.

Forensic teams of the police investigate the man’s car, a pickup truck.

Based on the findings at the crime scene, the parents’ bodies were placed on a trailer, indicating that the murderer attempted to transfer the bodies and hide them somewhere in the rural area, however, for some reason he abandoned his plan and fled.

The man is expected to have a hearing with the prosecutor of Andravidaon on Sunday morning.

Man arrested over quadruple murder in Ilia

According to daily efsyn, the perpetrator entered the family home at around5 o’ clock on Wednesday afternoon and surprised them as he entered the house from the backyard.

Police found later that there was no electricity in the house, but it has not been clarified whether there was an outage due to unpaid bills or the perpetrator had cut off the power before entering.

It looks as if the murderer was still inside the house when the 10-year-old child of the family arrived and was confronted with the horrible spectacle.

Neighbors told local media that the family was living in the specific home for the last two years. The father, an Albanian national, was working as daily laborer in a farm.

The family was struggling financially and yet was taking good care of their children and a pet dog.

Locals from the area told media that the suspect loved to deal with weapons since his teenager years, had shot in the leg a classmate when the was 15 years old. Others said that he was known in the area for animal abuses with his victims being stray dogs and cats but also farming animals of his neighbors.

Patrisnews reports that authorities investigate also a racist motive behind the quadruple murder by the arrested landlord, as he had often lashed out against foreigners and Roma and even glorified the Nazis crimes in WWII Germany on his social media accounts.

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