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Police recovers tablet from the grave of 9-year-old murdered child in Patras

Greek Police completed the process of recovering an electronic tablet used by nine-year-old child Georgina that was allegedly poisoned by her mother.

The tablet was placed in the coffin of the little girl following a last minute request by her mother during the funeral at the cemetery of Agios Athanasios in Sychena, Patras, northern Peloponnese.

Police recovered the tabled and intends to investigate it with the aim to find additional evidence regarding the death of the child, such as if the mother used it to search on internet for drugs and the substance ketamine that was found in the girl’s body during post-mortem toxicological tests.

The mother is currently being held on charges of murder. She was arrested after a toxicology screening showed that Georgina had died after ingesting a massive dose of the drug ketamine at a time when only the mother was present in the room in the Children hospital in Athens.

The tablet will be taken to the forensics laboratory at the Attica Security police headquarters.

Police investigates also the mysterious deaths of the two other girls of the family, in a case of the Medea of Patras that has caused sensation in Greece

The process for the tablet recovery began shortly before 7:00 on Saturday, in the presence of a public prosecutor and the head of the Patras coroners’s service as well as police officers and members of the victim’s family.

Earlier, a priest performed a blessing at Georgina’s grave.

The order to open up the grave and recover the tablet buried with the child was given by the 18th examining magistrate handling the case.

PS Shamefully enough, one TV channel broadcasted live the opening of the grave…

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