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Greece lifts Covid-Pass, masks indoors and other coronavirus measures

Life in Greece will return to normal as of May 1, Health Minister Thanos Plevris announced on Wednesday adding that the measure of showing a Covid-Pass to enter facilities and retail stores will be lifted on May 1, while the measure of mandatory mask indoors will be abolished on June 1, 2022.

From May 1 until August 31, the display of a COVID vaccination or recovery certificate will not be needed.

Unvaccinated citizens will no longer need a negative Rapid test to get access the indoors of venues like restaurants and retail stores.

For tourists and travelers in general arriving in Greece there will be a separate announcement soon. Minister Plevris said that the lifting of showing the European vaccination or recovery Pass before entering Greece will be examined soon.

The measure of Covid-Pass will be re-examined on September 1, the minister said.

The use of face masks remains mandatory for indoor areas until May 31. The measure will be lifted on June 1, however, there will be some exceptions like public transport means, supermarkets and wherever there is crowding. Details are expected to be announced before the measure is lifted.

Masks will continue to be mandatory in hospitals, nursing homes and facilities for sick or vulnerable groups of people.

From May 3 when the schools will open again after the Easter holiday, the pupils will return to school without a self test.

Unvaccinated employees will have to do a rapid test every week to go to their work.

There will be a new health protocol for people who came in contact with a coronavirus case.

The fine of 100 euros for unvaccinated over 60 years old will be scrapped on April 15.

From May 1 until August 31, all restrictions regarding the number of customers in venues is lifted and they can operate at 100 percent capacity. This measure will also be re-examined on September 1.

Regarding the Easter holidays, he said that they will be celebrated with the existing measures, while the use of mask is recommended in outdoor areas as well.

Plevris said that all religious services will be held normally for the first time since the start of the pandemic.

Greece’s government has been pushing for the lifting of measures as it bets a lot on tourism this year to get the economy back on track.

That is why it considers that the coronavirus restrictions will probably create obstacles for the free movement of tourists, therefore they will bring obstacles to the country’s revenues, notes website

Of course, the coronavirus has not disappeared and will be still circulating among us with or without protection measures and certificates.

The government now just transfers the health protection solely to the citizens who will have to take care of themselves in order not to get sick with Covid-19.

In the two years of the pandemic, over 28,000 people in the country lost their life, the majority of them between November 2021 and April 2022. Deaths remain high, despite the fact that the daily infections are on downward trend.

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  1. “The fine of 100 euros for unvaccinated over 60 years old will be scrapped on April 15.”

    Previously “they” were saying it would only be suspended (until “review” in the Autumn).

    Perhaps the recent court action (from KTG article) “It is noted that the legal representatives of the State were absent from the hearing even thought they had requested a postponement” has highlighted the fines have no basis either in fact or law.

  2. Isn’t that cool. They announced the date when your basic rights will end again! This is the world we live in now. “Hey everyone!! As your owners we have decided to let you live a normal life for a few months while we rake in the delicious tourist money. Don’t get used to it though, as soon as we no longer have financial interest in it, your rights will be taken away again. We own you, never forget that”

  3. Would someone explain the logic of removal of mandatory mask wearing virtually everywhere with the exception Supermarkets? I can understand perhaps public transport and health facilities
    People are probably in closer proximity to each other in restaurants and tavernas than they are in most supermarkets.. What is the definitive reason to wear. kN95 mask or being double masked?
    A secondary question to the wearing of masks – why do we have to wait until 01 June?