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Turkish nationals seeking asylum use paragliding to reach Greece UPD

Two Turkish nationals flew a paraglider and landed in Karystos on the island of Evia seeking political asylum. According to an exclusive report by local media the paragliding crashed  in the sea area of Bouros early Saturday evening.

Port authorities picked up the two people and transferred them to the general hospital of Karystos.

The two reportedly told authorities that they were Turkish policemen and wanted to apply for political asylum in Greece.

It is not known where they took off for their adventurous path to …freedom as the nearest Turkish coast could be over 250 km away. However, according to paragliding literature, paraglider flights can last many hours and cover hundreds of kilometers.

According to, members of the Greek state security were immediately sent to Karystos to meet with the two who are currently held at the port authority premises.


The two men, aged 32 and 33, reportedly told authorities  that they started their trip with the motorized paralaglider from Izmir but they run out of fuel and landed in Karystos. They were wearing life jackets.

When the paraglider crashed in the water  they swam to the shore with the help of two people who were fishing underwater and were picked up by a Coast Guard patrol vehicle.

A case file against them is under way for illegal entry into the country.

They did not have any travel documents with them.

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  1. Lazy reporting.

    I wrote a comment already about this but it seems not to have posted.

    The picture you’ve used is of a motorized Hang glider, not a paraglider.

    And actually if you reverse image search that picture with Google, guess who that is a photo of – Putin! In 2012. Not 2 Turks flying probably a paramotor in 2022.

    Please learn the difference and report accurately

    • keeptalkinggreece

      1. you may find out that you think you wrote a comment…
      2. Putin was in GR in 2012?

  2. ???

    Right click on your image and search it with Google Lens. I posted the link here but apparently your comments section doesn’t allow external links. The picture you have posted is of Putin in Russia in 2012 with Siberian white cranes.

    This is what you are posting and telling us it is 2 paraglider pilots. I wrote a long post defining the differences but when I clicked to post it, it disappeared. I can’t be bothered to inform you of all the different versions of free-flight, because next time there is a microlight or Base jumper in an accident, it will still get reported as “paragliders” with a random picture of something else entirely.

    • keeptalkinggreece

      as you very clearly see the pict is from that had also the exclusive story. your complaints to them, please