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Greece lifts Covid-restrictions on international and domestic flights

Greece’s Civil Aviation Authority CAA announced on Sunday, 1. May 2022, that it lifts restrictions for the protection from covid-19 for all passengers on international and domestic flights.

The CAA said in its press release that all extraordinary health measures to prevent the transmission of Covid-19 have been lifted as of Sunday, May 1, on both foreign and domestic flights in Greece.

The statement added that passengers and employees that are departing or arriving on foreign and domestic flights will only be required to wear a face mask on board during the flight and within the airport areas.

This mean that international and domestic passengers will no longer need to show a vaccination or recovery Covid-Pass or EU DCC-Pass or negative Covid-tests before getting on board.

KTG understands that the lifting of the measure affects passengers from any departure country around the world.

Civil Aviation press release in Greek here.

The lifting of the measure comes on the day, May 1 2022, vaccinated and unvaccinated  Greeks are allowed to enter the indoors spaces of restaurants, cafes, bars and other entertainment facilities as well as retail shops without having to show any Covid-certificates or negative Rapid tests at the entrances.

Note, that wearing a mask remains mandatory in these areas also during the month of May, while the government plans to lift also this measure as from June 1, if the pandemic conditions allow.

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