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Turkey’s Defense Minister accuses Greece of instigating tensions

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar has accused Greece of instigating tensions in the Aegean Sea and the Eastern Mediterranean, adding that the country’s naval forces are equipped to defend against perceived external threats.

“Greece, with provocations and actions during military exercises, is attempting to establish a de facto presence. We will not allow it,” Akar said during a speech to military officials.

“We will definitely demonstrate our reaction to any action taken against us,” he said.

“Our Air Force has exhibited the necessary reaction to [Greek] violations. Our Navy is already on alert. It is doing whatever is necessary to protect [Turkey’s] maritime jurisdictions,” he said.

Last week Turkish fighter jets pilots conducted a record of 168 violations of Greek airspace and dozens of overflights also over big inhabited islands on a single day. Athens reacted with several protest notes and briefing the NATO and European partners on the issue.

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  1. Typical autocrat’s playbook of accusing others of what they do.

    Bad enough they are shameless enough to accuse of such lies, like backing out of NATO operations they were expelled a day earlier but to expect anyone to believe these liars seeking to pirate is next level crazy.

    They are to be seen to be believed. Lucky for them that Greece has not responded to these intolerable provocation with respect to human value. And to think that this dictator who jails journalists and opposition is a member of NATO while refusing to sanction an adversary from who he buys arms, is as equally unbelievable as wanting to join the EU… shameless and brainless. a danger to the stability and security of the region.

  2. Akar’s statements have proven and deflective.

    It is easy to see who is constantly provoking in the seas, skies, and borders. Just last Wednesday, there were 126 violations of Greek air space.

    They are dishonest and untruthful in their attempts to steal by violating law.

    “these actions are a violation of Greek sovereignty and an unacceptable provocation, and contravene fundamental principles of international law” is a protest that is increasingly waning thing.

    Erdogan will damage more than just his economy if this double crossing dictator’s actions and rhetoric continue.

    At some point this internal and external thief’s luck will run out if any people who are unaffected by his closed media do not remove him first.