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Ferry DALEELA restores maritime link between Cyprus and Greece

After a break of whole 22 years, the maritime connection between Cyprus and Greece is to be restored again. Cyprus-flagged ferry MV DALEELA a ropax type ship managed will leave the port of Limassol on Sunday, June 9, for the port of Piraeus, expected to arrive after 30 hours.

DALEELA of the company Scandro Holding LTD has a capacity of 400 people and 100 vehicles.

The ship will depart from Limassol at 12 noon on Sunday 19 June and will arrive at the port of Piraeus at 6 pm on Monday 20 June.

The ferry line is seasonal and subsidized by the Cypriot government for the next three years in the amount of 16.5 million euros after negotiation and approval by the EU.

Four return will be conducted in June, 8 in July, 7 in August and 3 in September.

Cyprus Deputy Shipping Minister, Vassilis Dimitriadis, described on Friday the start of Greece’s shipping connection with Cyprus as an ideal opportunity to promote maritime tourism for both countries.

Dimitriadis said that the Cypriot side managed to activate the line and described it as a project that should be embraced by the people.

He stressed “that there are many Greeks who want to visit their relatives living in Cyprus and we are talking about over 50,000 people.”

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