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How to receive the “60% rebate” on electricity bills: Procedure, Q&A

A guide on how electricity consumers in Greece will receive the state aid for ‘inflated electricity bills in the last six months has been issued and and posted on several media. The guide refs to beneficiaries, how to apply on the special platform as well as how to calculate the amount your are eligible yourself.

Note that last Friday, PM Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced a 3.2-billion-euro package until the end of 2022 with measures to relief households and businesses from exorbitant energy increases. More measure here.

Beneficiaries are home owners and tenants with an annual income of up to 45,000 according to the 2020 tax declaration.

A special online platform is expected to open for citizens’ applications early June, the amount is scheduled to be booked on bank account by the end of the same month.

The guide to the emergency allowance of up to 600 euros: eligibility, amounts and procedures:

Eligibility: home owners (main residence) and tenants with a family income of up to 45,000 euros.

Criterion for the main residence is as declared in the E1 tax office form for the tax return.


The beneficiary submits an application on an electronic platform which is scheduled to open in early June. most probably in the first 110 days.

How to apply

The beneficiary will enter the platform with the taxisnet codes, the platform will show the first/main residence declared in E1 (tax return) form, either as tenant or a home owner.

Next to the nain resident, the platform will show the registration number of the electricity supply. first house there will be the relevant number of the clock and the percentage of common co-ownership.

The platform will ask: Are these data correct? If the information is incorrect, the beneficiary will be able to correct it.

Has the main residence be changed, for example? The beneficiary will indicate the new main residence. However, note that the change will be registered in the register of the Public Revenues Authority (AADE), that is the tax office.

Before leaving the platform, the beneficiary will have to declare the IBAN of his bank account, in order to receive the rebate amount.

Do I have to declare on the platform the electricity consumption or other information?

No, this will be done automatically. Based on the number of electricity meter, the platform will draw from the companies/ providers three data for each month:

  • the amount of the adjustment clause
  • the subsidy/discount given by the state in the previous months
  • the (possible)discount given by the provider

Based on these data, The amount to which the consumer will be entitled for rebate will be determined based on these 3 data.

Will I get 600 euros?

Not necessarily. The amount of emergency aid ranges from a minimum of 18 euros to a maximum of 600 euros and depends on the consumption of the household.

1.3 million households that consumed more than 300 kilowatt hours per month on average in previous months (mainly due to electric heating – eg heat accumulators) will benefit the most. They are the ones who saw the most nightmarish bills and will now receive the most in return. In other words, this is the energy consumption that was not subsidized and is about 30% of the total energy consumption in the country.

Small amounts will be received by those who had low consumption of up to 300 kilowatt hours per month and therefore have received a state subsidy for their total consumption or had a small consumption of more than 300 kilowatt hours per month (eg 375 kilowatt hours per month).

Hhundreds of thousands will not receive a subsidy at all, as for them the “extra” charge is less than 30 euros and so they are left out.

How will the amount I receive be calculated?

The refund amount is calculated, per month, according to the following formula:

Refund amount = [Amount of adjustment clause issued within the month – Amount of subsidy by the state on the clause- Amount of discount from the provider on the adjustment clause] * Percentage of co-ownership or use * 60%.

In other words, the cumulative adjustment clause, minus the state deduction, minus the provider deduction is the amount of the surcharge in question. Adding the six months, the amount in question is obtained. The one-off compensation is 60% of this amount.

For example:

Cumulative adjustment clause December – May: € 1,300
Cumulative state subsidy and company discount for December – May: 500 €
Extra charge: 800 €
One-time special aid: 480 €

Which bills count for the retroactive subsidy?
They count main residence bills issued from 1 December 2021 to 31 May 2022, regardless of the bill consumption reporting period. Attention, the date of issue of the bill counts and based on this the return is made, not based on the period of consumption.

Can I calculate the amount I am entitled to, myself?

Yes. As follows:

Collect the bills December – May, based on the date of issue.
Add up the amounts that appear in the bills as “adjustment clause”.
Add the amounts that appear in the bills as “state subsidy”
Add the amounts that appear in the bills as  “discount”
Subtract from the first sum, ie from the sum of the adjustment clause the other two amounts (sum of state subsidy and sum of deduction)
Multiply the subtraction result by 60%.

How can I get the full amount of € 600?
In order to receive the entire extraordinary return allowance, ie 600 euros, one must have “additional charges” of 1,000 euros increases in the accounts for the half year December – May. That is, clauses minus subsidies = 1,000 euros.

What if the electricity bill is in another name?

It does not matter what the name on the bill. What matters is what is declared in E1 as the main residence and the number of registered electricity supply. It matters, that is, where you have declared to the tax office that you live.

That is, if I live in my paternal home or in another house or even rent, but I declare this house as my A residence in my tax return, however the electricity clock is in another name, I can get the subsidy normally.

For students

When a student rents a residence and is over 18, he / she files a tax return and declares the house where he stays as the main residence will normally receive the allowance. The student also has the possibility of correction in this phase of the main residence. On the other hand, students who have not submitted a tax return in order to declare the house where they live as their main residence will not receive the allowance.

I have not yet paid or repaid the December-May bills. Will I be subsidized retroactively?

Yes. Everyone receives the amount, regardless of whether they have made a payment settlement or not. Even if the bills in question are paid in 12 or 24 or more installments, the amount will normally be given now.

When will I receive the amount in my account?

The amounts are expected to be credited by the end of June.

source: ethnos.gr

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