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Greece’s consumers fight back: INKA files legal action against “adjustment clause” on electricity bills

Greece’s Consumer Institute INKA has launched a collective legal action against electricity providers who impose an additional cost on consumers through the so-called “adjustment clause.” The clause burdens the already and extra charge of often several hundreds euros to the already soaring electricity bills with an extra charge of often …

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Greeks can’t escape economic bleeding as new hikes and new levies keep coming

These is no way that Greek households would escape the economical bleeding. The state mechanism is always keen in finding ways to grab the last cent out of the people’s pocket whether they have it or not. The trick is simple: small amounts of money, grabbed in the form of …

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350K Greek households without electricity thanks to property tax

Living without electricity in Greece has reached enormous proportions as thousands of households are unable to pay their electricity bills that skyrocket due to several additional energy charges, municipality fees and the so-called “emergency property tax”. More than 350,000 property owners and tenants cannot pay in time the amount on …

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Athens: Citizens protest exorbitant electricity bills

Several hundreds of angry citizens gathered outside the headquarters of Greek Public Power Company (DEH)to protest the new hikes in electricity and the attached “emergency property tax” that skyrocket the end amount Greeks have to pay month in, month out. Banner: “We pay nothing, we owe nothing” “I dont’ pay any …

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Athens Court Rules “Emergency Property Tax via Electricity Bills is illegal”

An Athens court ruled on Tuesday that the practice to collect the emergency property tax through the electricity bills is illegal. Several consumers’ associations and lawyers’ organizations had filed a complained about the Public Power Company (DEH) collecting the emergency property tax. The several  hundred euros of E.P.T levy have been skyrocketing …

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