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Amanda Georgiadi and “Die Together” rank 8. at Eurovision 2022

Amanda Georgiadi enchanted audiences and viewers with “Die together” and won 8th place in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

The representative of Greece on the stage in Turin was applauded by the audience and won the impressions by entering the top ten.

The Greek-Norwegian singer collected a total of 215 points, of which 158 were from the national juries and 57 from the public.

Video: Amanda Georgiadi – Die Together – FUkrainian band Kalush Orchestra has released a new music video. The video for its winning song “Stefania”inals

However, there were some country committees that did not give Greece not even one point.

These were: North Macedonia, Albania, Germany, Belgium, Israel, Moldova, Serbia, Iceland, Montenegro, Ireland, Lithuania, Sweden, Australia.

Greece received six 12s and two tens from the national committees.

The countries that voted for Amanda Georgiadi (committee score) were:

12 points from the Netherlands
10 points from San Marino
1 point from Malta
7 points from Ukraine
6 points from Estonia
3 points from Azerbaijan
4 points from Portugal
12 points from Norway
2 points from Poland
12 points from Bulgaria
12 points from Cyprus
7 points from Latvia
2 points from Spain
12 points from Switzerland
12 points from Denmark
3 points from France
2 points from Armenia
2 points from Romania
4 points from Slovenia
3 points from Georgia
3 points from Croatia
4 points from Austria
6 points from Finland
4 points from Great Britain
3 points from the Czech Republic
10 points from Italy

Ukrainian band Kalush Orchestra and “Stefania” won the contest receiving a record breaking points by the public in several countries.

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