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Seven Monkeypox cases confirmed in Greece, 6 of them “imported”, says EODY (UPD)

A total of seven cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in Greece, National Health Care Organization EODY announced on Thursday in the context of its weekly briefing.

Six of them are “imported”, whole the seventh one is “local” without record of traveling abroad.

The cases have already recovered or are recovering in generally good clinical condition, EODY added.

UPDATE: Chairman of EODY, Theoklis Zaoutis, told media on Friday morning that they don’t know how the “local” patient, the 7th case, got infected as he had not traveled abroad recently Noting that infection is conducted though open wounds or body contact, he added that they investigate the contacts of the last patient in the country..

The risk of the disease remains low for the general population and all necessary measures have been taken to limit the spread of the disease, according to the EDY announcement.

At the same time, more than 3,400 cases of monkeypox and one death were reported to the World Health Organization as of Wednesday, June 17. Most come from European countries, according to a WHO announcement last Monday.

The WHO said it had received 1,310 new cases from eight new countries since June 17.

Although the monkeypox is spreading to countries where it is not considered endemic, the World Health Organization decided last week not to declare a global state of emergency. The WHO director general said, however, that he was concerned about the outbreak, calling for vigilance.

“At the moment, this is not an international public health emergency, which is the World Health Organization’s highest level of alert,” he said in a statement following a meeting of experts.

A few days earlier, the director general of this UN agency had advised the wider community.

“Human-to-human transmission continues and is likely to be underestimated,” he added at a meeting of a panel of experts convened by the WHO to decide whether to declare a global state of emergency over monkeypox.

Describing an illness as an “international emergency of public health concern” is the WHO’s highest level of alert.

At the same time, deliveries of the vaccine to European countries have began.

With the country to be Spain, the first doses of vaccine purchased from the European Commission’s Emergency Preparedness and Response Authority (HERA) in response to the current monkeypox epidemic have been delivered since last Tuesday.

At the same time, the European Medicines Agency (EMA) is launching a data evaluation to extend the use of the smallpox vaccine “Imvanex” to protection against monkeypox.

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