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Athens Fire: 45 citizens in hospitals, one with serious burn injuries

The number of citizens from the fire fronts areas in North-East Athens who have been transferred to hospitals of the Greek capital rose to 45 on Wednesday evening, media reported. Among them are three people with burn injuries, one of them is in serious condition. The majority of hospital admission is due to respiratory problems and light injuries.

hospital in Athens. One of them is in serious condition due to extensive burns.

Three people with burns were admitted to Gennimatas public hospital late on Tuesday, on the first day the big fire that started at the foothill of Mt Penteli in North-East Athens on Tuesday afternoon.

According to a statement issued by the hospital:

-The patient M.E. aged 54 came to the hospital with his own means from the fire in Gerakas. The patient has extensive burns, a total burn surface of 60% of the total body surface, mainly superficial and in some places in the depth of partial thickness, concerning the face, upper and lower extremities both, and chest. Due to the severity of the burns the patient was admitted to the Burn Unit and the patient’s condition is stable.

-Patient A.N. female, 28 years old, from the area of ​​Penteli, was admitted due to smoke inhalation. After the appropriate tests and a check-up were carried out, it was decided to transfer her to Sotiria general hospital for a pulmonary assessment due to the nature of the inhalation burn. However, the patient refused in writing to be transported by ambulance and stated that she will be transferred by her companions to hospital Sotiria.

-Patient B.G. male, 35, arrived by ambulance from Penteli due to thermal burns in the depth of partial thickness of the total surface of 18%, on the head, arm, shin, and lower limb. A recommendation was made for admission to the Plastic Surgery clinic, however the patient refused in writing and will come today for a review at the Plastic Surgery outpatient clinic.

In a briefing on Wednesday morning, the Fire Service said that 30 people were transferred with ambulances to hospitals mostly due to respiratory problems ans light injuries.

Among those in hospitals are also three firefighters.

The ambulance transfers were made from the areas of Pallini, Gerakas, Anthousa and Penteli.

Another 50 people have been evacuated with ambulances for preventive reasons. These are mostly elderly form nursing homes and people with disabilities.

The big fire in North-East Athens is still raging on Wednesday and is spreading due to strong winds, despite the efforts of 485 firefighters and several water-dropping aerial means.


Active Fires map Wednesday morning around Mt Penteli issued by the Fire Service.

Hundreds of people have been ordered to evacuate since early Tuesday evening, an unknown number of houses have been burned down or underwent serious damages.

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