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Turkey’s Defense Minister Akar threatens Greece with preemptive action

Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar threatened with preemptive action if Athens does not comply with the demilitarization of the islands in the eastern Aegean Sea.

“Doesn’t that create the right for self-defense? Isn’t installing weapons in front of our noses a threat to our country?” he said.

At the same time, he accused Greece of “aggressive rhetoric” against Ankara, claiming that the increase in its defense budget shows the country is “up to something” against Turkey.

“They are in a calculation against Turkey in their own way. There is a five-fold increase in the armament budget,” Akar told the Anadolu Agency.

Turkey’s defense minister said Greece is going out of its way to stop arms sales to Turkey.

“[Greece] not only went to the US to tell them not to give us the F-16s, they also went to Germany and asked them not to give us the submarines,” Akar said.

He accused Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis and Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias of “using aggressive rhetoric and aggressive actions to spoil the potential positive climate that could be created between the two countries.”

Apparently to show who is the aggressor in the area, Turkish fighter jets were sent to violate 26 times Greek airspace on Tuesday.

They were intercepted by Greek fighter jets that got involved in “dog fight” with the Turkish jets five times.

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  1. Recip and his “lapdogs” are barking again! This is becoming quite tiresome… What do they think they will gain with a rethoric that does not fool anyone?? Come up with something new, like the truth maybe???

  2. Why have the Greek politicians not requested the return of Constaninople, Byzantium, N. Cyprus and the rest of the occupied territories? And freedom and autonomy for the Kurds and all the other regions which comprise the artificial state called Turkey?

  3. Threatening with preemptive action against Greece and at the same time accusing Greece of an “agressive rhetoric”. These Turkish politicians don’t get it how silly they look when talking like this.

  4. All these Nancys can do is hiss and spit in their breathtakingly brainless attempts to defy international law.

    These antagonistic barbarians have already been humiliated at border, at sea, and in the air in their lame attempts.

    All these pirates can do is try to provoke as Greece builds its defenses and alliances in response to their rude saber rattling. trespassing, and fabrications.

    Ignore this dishonest and untrustworthy aggressive neighbor. Its energies are as misdirected as this dictator’s reasoning as their economy also burns.

    Erdogan isn’t even a reliable NATO partner that he hides behind while his closed media further brainwashes his Muslim nationalists. He is as repulsively disgusting and breathtakingly brainless while opportunistically constantly seeking to look relevant. This uneducated criminal fools no one and the sooner that Turkey gets rid of this brainless and dangerous dictator, the better off every one will be.