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Turkey admits spying Greek islands with unmanned UVAs (pictures)

Turkey has officially admitted that it deploys Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) in illegal overflights missions of Greek territory aiming to spy on islands thus violating Greek airspace on daily basis.

Ankara’s state-run news agency anadolu published a report accompanied by pictures with the title “Drones capture images of armed vehicles sent by Greece to the Aegean islands with non-military status in violation of international law.”

Citing Turkish security sources the report said that Greece deployed tactical armored vehicles to islands with non-military status, that is 23 vehicles to Lesbos, and 18 vehicles to Samos.

The sources claimed further that “the armored vehicles are identical with the ones deployed to Alexandroupolis port by the US military.”

The Anadolu report claims:

Footage shows Greece’s unlawful deployment of armored vehicles on Aegean islands – Turkish army drones record Greek landing ships carrying military vehicles donated by US to islands with non-military status

Turkish army drones have recorded the Greek deployment of armored vehicles on the Aegean islands with non-military status in violation of the international law.

Video footages showed that the landing ships carried military vehicles donated by the US to the islands of Midilli (Lesvos) and Sisam (Samos).

According to security sources, the Turkish Armed Forces drones performing flight mission over the Aegean Sea recorded two Greek landing ships en route to Midilli and Sisam.

It was revealed that the ships were carrying 23 tactical wheeled armored vehicles to Midilli and 18 to Sisam, the islands with non-military status. The armored vehicles were among those sent by the US to the Port of Alexandroupolis (Dedeagac) of Greece.


According to security sources, the Greek actions on Sept. 18 and Sept. 21 are a clear proof of its continued militarization of islands near Turkey and violation of their non-military status.

They said Greece deploys weapons especially donated by the US to the islands with non-military status, replacing them with some vehicles on the islands.

Athens’ acts against international law and the spirit of alliance despite calls for dialogue and good neighborly ties are “unacceptable,” security sources said.

They also recalled Türkiye’s efforts to resolve the problems with dialogue and under international law, as well as Ankara’s calls for meeting to discuss the issues.

“That Greece does not even attend the meetings despite invitations and makes such provocations show who increases the tension, who is irreconcilable, aggressive and unlawful,” they said.

The pictures were very possibly taken by the UAVs that together with fighter jests conduct illegal overflights of Greek territory and the islands on daily basis.

Turkish propaganda insists on the islands demilitarization claiming the Treaty of Lausanne (1923), however, it forgets its own obligations and well as the threats against Greece coming directly from President Erdogan in the form of “We may come suddenly one night.

Turkey’s Defense Minister Hulusi Akar reiterated the threats against Greece on Saturday saying “Swimming will do Greeks good.”

This time Turkey targeted also the USA, as Turkish officials and president Erdogan have strongly reacted to the US military base in Alexandroupolis, NE Greece.

The armored vehicles are reportedly possibly the M1117 Armored Security Vehicles(TTOA-ASV) that are given to Greece in the context of the Excess Defense Articles -EDA agreement for area reconnaissance.

Speaking to Greek media, sources of the Foreign Ministry in Athens said that they don’t even bother to comment Turkish press reports.

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  1. To try and pirate through fabrications and barking like a little dog, these unlawful barbarians only humiliate themselves.

    “Speaking to Greek media, sources of the Foreign Ministry in Athens said that they don’t even bother to comment Turkish press reports.”

  2. Should we not mention that the Lausanne Treaty, which grants sovereignty of the Eastern Aegean islands to Greece, specifically bans the militarisation of the islands? And that the Greek government breaking the terms of the treaty is precisely why the Turkish government keeps pretending we should ‘discuss’ that sovereignty?

    • Where do the specifically bad the militarization of the islands?

      In light of the illegal invasion and occupation of Cyprus, the protection of these islands are just that much more pressing. Greece is not the bellicose provoking aggressor with overflights and fake news.

    • Actually, it doesn’t ban militarization. It bans naval bases and fortifications on the islands. Military and police are permitted as per ratio with the rest of the country of Greece. It does specifically ban militarily airplane flights over each other’s territory (which Turkey violates almodt every day). Part I, Section I, Article 13.

      The Dodecanese Islands (including Castellorizo) were passed to Italy with no restrictions, and then passed to Greece with no restrictions. If Greece and Turkey wanted to follow the spirit of the Treaty of Lausanne, they could also apply this to the Dodecanese Islands. No naval bases or fortifications on the Islands (which I believe Greece doesn’t have) and no overflights (which again Turkey runs almost every day over Greece).

      It doesn’t prohibit Greece’s right to defend itself or station defensive troops on any Islands. The treaty is also very clear, Turkey’s territory, unless otherwise specified, is only 3 miles from the coast. All these overflights and oil drilling expeditions are a treaty violation, and in theory, an act of war against Greece. Greece however, has been very patient in the hopes one day their neighbor wakes up and realizes they don’t need to be enemies.