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Greece’s first: Power demands was covered 100% by RES for 5 hours

For the first time in the history of the Greek electricity system the demand was covered 100% by renewable energy from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Friday, October 7, 2022, the Greek Independent Power Transmission Operator ADMIE announced.

According to ADIME data on October 7, RES production reached a new historic high (3,106 MW) fully covering demand as the production from RES units connected to High and Ultra High Voltage moved at levels from 98% to 121%, exceeding the size of the net load on the Transmission System, state-run news agency amma reported.

“The RES boom and investment interest in new green energy units continues unabated, with the country surpassing the 10 GW installed capacity barrier and with an additional 11.5 GW of projects having received Connection Offers from ADMIE. Critical to the maintenance of this dynamic are the development and strengthening projects of the electrical networks, through which sufficient electrical space is created for an even greater penetration of RES in the energy mix”, ADMIE noted.

It added that “the ten-year investment program of ADMIE, with new electrical interconnections at sea and on land, is to increase the capacity of the Transmission System for green energy units to approximately 28 GW – from 17 GW today – exceeding by 4 GW the corresponding goal of ESEK for the same period.”

ADMIE noted also that “the increased participation of Renewable Sources in the energy mix, in addition to the obvious environmental benefits, also brings significant financial benefit to consumers. As the Hellenic Wind Energy Scientific Association points out on the occasion of Friday’s record, the cost of electricity for consumers (producers’ compensation price) for October is 94 euros per megawatt hour for wind farms, 190 euros for lignite plants and 499 euros for natural gas stations. It is noted that for the new wind farms that participated in RAE’s last auction and are expected to operate in the coming years, the compensation price is even lower and amounts to 58 euros per megawatt hour.”

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  1. Wonderful!!!, if they intend to use this process to make electricity and regularly put it through the grid, can we will wish to hope for a large reduction in the cost of electricity, or is that wishful thinking.
    I may have missed the email that said the price of wind was going up.