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Pizza “Challenge”: Beat the cheesy “monster” and win €100

It’s not family size, it’s not quartered, it’s not giant. It’s just huge. The Pizza Challenge offered by a pizzeria in Thessaloniki weighs 7 kg has a diameter of 1 meter and a perimeter of 3.2 meters. It is baked in an oven with special construction. If four people manage to eat it they win a gift card worth 100 euros.

The three stores of Pizzaria “Raffaele” are located in Thessaloniki and the idea of the pizza Challenge came to owners when they celebrated  the 7th birthday of the stores.


The pizzeria has gone viral on social media in Thessaloniki, not only due to the huge pizza that 12-15 people can still their hunger.

It’s also due to the Pizza “Challenge”: if a group of four people eat the huge pizza they get 100 euros.

“Think you and your gang can beat it? Join now and claim 3 €100 gift vouchers to eat even more! The challenge will take place in all 3 of our stores, where 3 teams of 4 people will compete in each. The team that will make the best time in each store wins a €100 gift certificate to try our entire menu!,” a post on the instagram announced. says the Instagram profile.

For the Challenge pre-order is due and the huge pizza can be divided into four parts with an equal number of yummy options.

A standout flavor is Pizza Burata with tomato sauce, mozzarella burrata, cherry tomatoes and arugula, the owners said.

The manager of the business and the initiator of the idea, Nikos Karageorgos, told local media that the occasion for this huge pizza was the company’s birthday in combination with the lifting of restrictions due to the pandemic.

“On the occasion of the completion of seven years since the day the business opened, I thought to do something special and different. It came about as an idea for a celebration in stores. I wanted to do something unusual.”€

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