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Greek Coast Guard video shows pursuit, arrest of Turkish trafficker

The Greek Coast Guard released a video showing frame by frame the pursuit and arrest of a Turkish migrants trafficker in the sea area of the island of Kos in the eastern Aegean Sea opposite the Turkish coast.

The video shows the moment a Coast Guard commando shoots again and again targeting at the speedboat’s outboard engine after the trafficker’s boat was spotted in Skandari, Kos.

The shots were successful, the speedboat stopped working and the 32-year-old Turkish trafficker was arrested, media report on Friday.


The trafficker had landed at least four immigrants in Kos in the morning hours of Wednesday.

The speedboat was without lights, while the boat operator did not stop at the light and sound signals of the Coast Guard patrol boat.

On the contrary, he increased speed in the direction of the Turkish coast.

The patrol boat started chasing the speedboat that made dangerous maneuvers resulting in warning shots being fired by the Coast Guard in a safe area, a statement said..

Following search in Skandari, the four foreign nationals were located. Two of them were minors.

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