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“Kilkis doesn’t exist”: Crazy conspiracy theory goes viral

“Kilkis does not exist” No one knows how conspiracy theories start but we we certainly know how they are spread nowadays: via the social media. No matter how crazy the theory and rumor, it easily goes viral spreading across one country and beyond…

The new viral claim among Greek internet users on Reddit and Twitter refers to the regional unit and the city of Kilkis in Central Macedonia, northern Greece.

Kilkis (regional unit) - Wikipedia

“Kilkis does not exist”

One after another, Greeks post comments, pictures and even videos and wonder about the real existence of the city and consequently the regional unit.

Kilkis regional unit marked as “blank” on the map below.

Several of them have posted that they “never met anyone from there.”

Some others noted: “I’m surprised that there are still people who belive that Kilkis exists.”

They also claim that the existence of Kilkis is “an urban legend.”

“Kilkis exists simply as an indication on the map because there was a gap there that should have been filled up. According to the legend, if you go to Kilkis you’ll see 2D paper buildings. I’ve never met anyone who know someone from Kilkis.”

The user indirectly raises questions also about the existence of Sparti, Agrinio, Thiva, Grevena, Pyrgos.

Another user posted a picture of “a room filled with people living in Kilkis?”

Some of the most distinctive posts here on news website that also uploaded the article on its Go Fun section.

According to wikipedia, the town of Kilkis has over 22,000 registered residents. but who knows who wrote this post… 😉

PS I personally do not know anyone from Kilkis but a cousin of mine had always claimed that the mother of the godfather of the son of the kiosk man in her neighborhood was from Kilkis.

On the other hand I can assure you that the town of Sparti, Thiva and Agrinio exist as I have been there – at least in the past.

As for Grevena and Pyrgos… a friend of mine claims that her son has a job in the public administration of Grevena and another cousin of mine insists that her husband’s family is from Pyrgos.

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  1. Lol… the Greeks are slow. We have the Bielefeld conspiracy in Germany for many decades now. Nobody knows anyone who ever has been there 😉

  2. Yeah, perhaps democracy was something genuinely Greek. Anyway, now you have industrially brewed tsippouro and mitsotakis and it’s over. Now: please do not start coverversions of stupid German legacy.

  3. I am not Greek but I lived and worked there for nearly 10 years and know hundreds of people who live there. Such conspiracy theories don’t surprise me, however. I gave talks at many conferences in Athens and was always asked by other delegates where I was from. When I replied, “Kilkis” they always retorted “KILKIS!!!” in a loud astonished tone so I assume many Greeks don’t believe it exists?

    • keeptalkinggreece

      lol – really!? you assume wrong: Greeks are astonished because Kilkis is at the end of the Greek world, far far way in the north.