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17-year-old girl stabs to death her partner in north Athens

A 17-year-old girl stabbed to death her 22-year-old partner in Marousi suburb of northern Athens on Sunday afternoon. She used a kitchen knife and sustained multiple wounds to the victim.

The victim was hosting the perpetrator in her family home.

Citing police sources, media report that the minor said she killed her friend because she asked her to end the relationship.

The perpetrator was still in state of shock when she was arrested by police alarmed by the victim’s father.

The crime was discovered when the victim’s parents returned home late on Sunday, found victim and perpetrator covered in blood.

The minor perpetrator has reportedly psychiatric problems and is on medication.

In a statement her parents said that they have been providing their daughter with all possible medical care since the start of her teenager age, state broadcaster ERT reported.

The 17-year-old was taken to the Juvenile Protection Police Directorate, where she is being held. A psychiatric evaluation is due.

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  1. Androcide! I hope this creep gets lobotomy and electric chair! Just because boy wants to end relationship, entitled female feels like killing him!

    Worst part is that media covers it up!