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Mother throws 11-month-old baby in river on New Year’s Eve

The body of an 11-month-old baby girl was found at the dam of Aliakmonas river by Veroia in northern Greece on Monday. Police arrested the baby’s 29-year-old mother who eventually confessed to have thrown the infant into the icy cold river waters on the New Year’s Eve..

It was the New Year’s Eve, when the mother left together with the baby the family home in Alexandria village, Imathia, where she lived with her parents. she had reportedly told the family that she was spending the New Year’s Eve with friends.

She returned home the next day, without her daughter.

The family alerted the police that immediately launched an investigation to find out what exactly had happened.

Police questioned the mother who initially indicated to police officers that she had left the infant in an abandoned house in Veria. However, authorities could not find any traces of the baby there.

Police put the mother under pressure and she ultimately recanted her claims, saying that she had thrown the baby into the Aliakmonas Dam late on New Year’s Eve.

Following search in the area, police located the baby and retrieved the body from the icy waters of the river.

The body was brought it to Veria hospital, where doctors could only confirmed the baby’s death.

According to local media, doctors who examined the body found that it had animal bites.

An autopsy has been ordered in order to determine the exact cause of his death.

It is noted that the woman did not have a car and covered all routes by public transport, on foot or even by taxi.

Police officers arrested the mother who is expected to be taken to prosecutor later today.

According to local media, the mother has been suffering from psychological problems and has been hospitalized in psychiatric clinics several times in the past.

The baby was born out of wedlock in January 2022.

The father told media that he was trying to officially recognize it, however, there were objections by the mother and her family. He claimed that he was not aware “the mother of his child” -as he called her – was suffering from psychological problems when they were together. He was informed about the death of his daughter by police.

Not only the local society is in shock but the whole of Greece, however, this horror story seems to have two victims.

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  1. Mother should have a right to abort! Regardless of child’s concerns!

    • Peoples opinions on whether abortions should occur or not are irrelevant. Based on my very limited experience I would say that there will always be some women who become pregnant and are desperate not to give birth. Society has no power to legislate, therefore, whether abortions occur or don’t. They will occur. Society can only legislate whether women can obtain abortions in safe sterile conditions performed by a medical professional or in unsafe, non-sterile conditions performed by an amateur.

      Greece opted for the former in 1986. Abortion is legal in Greece. As in most countries there are time limitations depending on the reason for the abortion. It is basically “on demand” up to 12 weeks. Where the mothers physical or mental health is at serious risk then termination can be performed at any time. Intermediate limits apply for other reasons.

      I would have thought 12 weeks provided ample time for a woman to suspect that she is pregnant, obtain confirmation with a pregnancy test and then seek and obtain a medical termination.

  2. michele lavender

    What has the murder of this baby by its mother got to do with abortion and abortion law?