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“Kraken” XBB1.5 detected in Greece; 149 Covid-deaths

The new XBB.1.5 Omicron coronavirus sub-variant commonly know as “Kraken” has been detected in 6 samples in Greece, the National Public Health Organization (EODY) said in its weekly statistics report on Thursday, regarding the period January 2-8, 2023.

The XBB.1.5 sub-variant has been detected in a total of 6 samples, while 3 of them were obtained by retrospectively checking the samples of the XBB sub-variant from previous weeks.

Based on EODY data, all the 6 cases were detected in Attica. Of these, four cases were detected in the northern and two in the western sector of Attica.

The Kraken  sub-variant is considered as highly contagious but with milder symptoms. It has been detected in another 29 countries.

According to the EODY weekly report, the BA.5 strain is still the most frequently identified.

Covid-19 hospital admissions and influenza positive tests increased in the previous week, while the respiratory virus RSV showed a minor decline, EODY added.

A total of 1,632 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals during the week of January 2-8 (7% up compared to the previous week), namely 233 patients per day on average. In addition, 128 coronavirus patients were on ventilators on January 8.

149 deaths from Covid-19 during the week of January 2-8 (2% up from the previous week), with a median age of 85 years.

Regarding the spread of influenza in the community during the same week, EODY reported 2 new deaths and 7 severe cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza type A, which required these patients be treated in an ICU.

Overall, a total of 36 influenza patients have so far required treatment in ICUs, while a total of 9 people have died from it, said EODY.

EODY weekly report in Greek here.

PS KTG is unable to read through the new and winding road of the EODY novel that gives several data completely mixed up but not the weekly numbers of Covid-19 cases.

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