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Church turned into classroom on Crete (video)

High school students in Herakleio, Crete, are forced to have lessons in a church, because there is not enough place, read: classroom, for them in the school building.

The small chapel is located in the courtyard of Kapetanakeio school and has been converted into a classroom, since the school facilities are not sufficient to cover the needs.

The lack of infrastructure and specifically classrooms, but also the tragic conditions for students who prepare for the university entrance exams are beyond logic and sheds a bad light for the Municipality that is in charged for the school buildings.

According to local media neakriti.gr  the small church located in the school’s courtyard has been turned into a classroom, with the students of the 3rd high school grade sometimes being forced to study next to the sanctuary where the remaining of a saint are being kept.

Note that the school complex has been recently renovated, yet the infrastructure  is sufficient and the request for two separate container-classrooms has not been met for the time being.


The desperate situation was confirmed by the president of the local teachers union, Areti Spahi, who emphasized that this is an emergency solution, putting the blame on the municipal authority of Heraklion for delaying the delivery and installation of two additional classrooms.

Following the report, the deputy mayor in charge of school buildings said that the contract and assignment to a constructor for one container classroom will be signed in March. [and probably delivered in June or July?]

On his part, he blamed the school for the problem saying that it should not have enrolled more students and advised them to another school.

PS chronic Greek disease that remains untreated no matter what: Nobody takes responsibility for anything.

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  1. It’s a very innovative temporary solution of a problem soon to be solved.