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Coronavirus infections down, says EODY weekly report

Τhe number of Covid-19 hospital admissions and intubations decreased in the week of January 23-29, while the number of coronavirus deaths stayed the same as in the previous week, said the National Public Health Organization (EODY) in its weekly statistics report on Thursday.

A total of 1,112 Covid-19 patients were admitted to hospitals during the week of January 23-29 (-28% compared to the previous week), namely 159 patients per day on average. In addition, 135 coronavirus patients were on ventilators on January 29. There were also 169 deaths from Covid-19 during the week of January 23-29, with a median age of 85 years.


According to the data announced by EODY for week ISO4 23-29/1:
*583,872 total tests
*4% positivity
*23,355 cases (3336/day)
*24% reinfections
*1112 imports (159/day)
*135 intubated Sundays
*169 deaths (24/day)


Regarding the spread of influenza in the community during the same week, EODY reported 2 severe cases of laboratory-confirmed influenza type A, which required these patients be treated in an ICU.

Overall, a total of 57 influenza patients have so far required treatment in ICUs, while a total of 17 people have died from it, said EODY.

Detailed EODY weekly report in Greek here.

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