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Turkish FM falls in the arms of Greek counterpart visiting areas devastated by earthquake

Turkish foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu fell in the arms of his Greek counterpart Nikos Dendias upon the latter’s arrival in earthquake-stricken Turkey early Sunday morning.

The two foreign ministers had a brief meeting in a lounge at the airport of Adana and then boarded helicopters bound for the earthquake-affected areas in Hatay province.

In short statements to the press, Cavusoglu praised Greece for its prompt response and aid right after the earthquake.

“Greece was the first country to arrive,” Cavusoglu said. “Good neighborhood relations are clear in such difficult times” he added and recalled the earthquake diplomacy after the earthquakes in august and September 1999 in both countries.

“We don’t need to wait for natural disasters in order to improve our relations,” Dendias said on his apart assuring Turkey that it will continue offering aid to its neighboring country either directly or via the EU mechanism.

It is worth noting that the ‘rapprochement” comes after a long period of “aggressive rhetoric” on part of Turkey.

Accompanied by Cavusoglu, Dendias will meet with the members of the Greek aid and rescue missions operating in areas that suffered massive destruction due to the 7.8 magnitude earthquake of February 6.

Dendias will visit the Operations Center in Antakya and will be informed about the latest developments in rescue efforts, as well as the needs for humanitarian aid.

During the visit ways of further assistance on behalf of Greece to deal with the disaster will be examined.

It is recalled that the Minister of Foreign Affairs has instructed the Permanent Representation of our country in Geneva to take steps to provide emergency humanitarian aid through the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) in Turkey and Syria.

It is noted that Deputy FM Andreas Katsaniotis is assigned with the coordination of organizations and private individuals who wish to assist in the efforts to gather humanitarian aid for the earthquake-affected areas in Turkey and Syria.

Almost a week after the earthquake, rescuers keep pulling people alive from under the rubble.

A 35-year-old man was rescued 149 after the devastating tremor and a 7-month-old baby after 140 hours. Yet hope for much more survivors slowly fade away as rescues are much fewer and are considered as “miracles.”

Meanwhile, death toll has exceeded 30,000 both in Turkey and Syria on Sunday morning and the number is expected to rise as a big yet still unknown number of people is in the rubble.

According to the Turkish authorities, around 80,000 people are hospitalized, while the homeless have exceeded one million.

With basic infrastructure destroyed, survivors worry about disease outbreaks as there is lack of basic sanitary facilities such as toilets.

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  1. Erdogan and his gangsters must resign for causing mass murder together with the USA.

  2. I understand that back in 2018, around the time of the last presidential election, large numbers of Turkish construction companies were allowed to avoid prosecution for building regulation violations and absolved from the need to take any mitigating action simply by paying an administrative fine. I wonder how much that is being reported in the Turkish media?

    Erdoğan’s popularity rested almost completely on Turkey’s economic growth and that growth has been massively dependent on the construction sector. Obviously regulations must not be allowed to impede that growth.