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Bus roof on Athens-Airport route collapses on passengers

Part of the roof of a bus on the Athens-Athens Airport route collapsed on passengers. It’s the second time in two weeks that the roof of a public bus collapses on passengers.

No official plans to plans for replacement of old buses, despite the fact that the  tourist season is to begin shortly.

Bus X95 line was moving from Athens to the Airport late on Wednesday, March 29, when part of the roof collapsed and fell on the two passengers.

The piece was reportedly not heavy and the passengers were not injured.

The incident happened when the bus was passing through Mesogeion Avenue at the height of Agia Paraskevi.

It is noted that the X95 line buses have increased occupancy at certain times, especially during the summer season when they are mostly used by tourists.

According to, Anna P., who works at the Airport and was on the bus said that the driver continued the route normally without any intervention, with the piece of the roof on the seats until the bus arrived at the Airport.

20 days ago a similar incident happened on bus line 040 in Neo Faliro. Also in that case the falling roof cover did not injure any passengers.

To date, OASA, OSY and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport have not announced any timetable for the retirement and replacement of the older buses currently plying the streets of Athens, some of which are as old as 30 years, noted athenstransport.

It added that “however, newer buses also sometimes present problems, such as for example the used vehicles that OASA procured through leasing, but also some of the vehicles used by KTEL companies under contract with OASA.”

Pictures by bus passenger Anna P.

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  1. Just a bit of bus roof falling on paying passengers again. No big deal and it’s no one’s fault (except the bus station master).

    • It’s called a ceiling ugh the roof on top of the bus seriously proper English might be difficult

  2. Come on Greece we are in the 21st century, these buses must be over 50 years old. Every country I’ve been to have great public transportation, modern buses.