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Bullying in Athens school: Students try to choke classmate with fishing line

Brutal bullying in renowned private school in Athens: A group of six students, five boys and a girl, tied a fishing line around a classmate’s neck and tried to choke him “for fun.” The 15-year-old victim was bullied, tortured and humiliated by the group also in the past and his mother complaints to the school, however, without result.

The underage perpetrators tied a fishing line around the victims neck and then they tried to wrap it all over his body. They had previously surrounded the boy and forced him on a chair. During the action, they were laughing at victim’s  expense, while there were other student in classroom room watching the bullying.

The incident took place during a break in Arsakeio school in northern Athens on Friday, March 31 but became known on Monday, after police took the perpetrators to the Sub-Directorate for the Protection of Minors of the Attica Security.

The victim’s parents turned to police after they saw “strange marks” on their son’s neck and the boy told them about the horrible experience.

On April 1, police officers searched and located four of the perpetrators, all 15years old and took them to the department in charge where a case file was formed. The remaining two 15-year-old were not possible to be located in the context of the 48-hours after a committed crime.

After being examined by the police, the four minors were released in the company of their parents and recommendations for both. They reportedly told police that they did it “for fun.”

According to the case file filed by the Juvenile Protection sub-directorate against the six minors, they are accused of indecent assault as an accomplice and as a consequence, for dangerous bodily harm and for illegal violence as an accomplice..

The victim was examined by a medical examiner who reportedly stated that the findings on his body match with the complaint.

“A forensic examination was ordered of a minor, where superficial injuries were found, compatible with the alleged acts.”

According to news website, the victim told police “I started to feel uncomfortable. Someone started shouting hey m*l*kes, he is choking, take the rope away. And then one of them took a pair of scissors and cut it,”

The child described that this was not the first time he was bullied by the perpetrators. “For months now they have been bothering me, making fun of me, talking to me derogatorily, pushing me and throwing me down.”

According to information by, the victim had talked to his mother about the bullying and she had turned to school to receive the assurance that “the situation was under control.”

The perpetrators did not appear in school on Tuesday.

Classmates told, that it is not the first time the 15-year-old boy falls victim of bullying by the same group and reported of a similar incident again with fishing line.

“The child must have been under a lot of pressure to sit down and confess to his parents. As far as I know, the incident happened near the teachers’ office, so it’s impossible that no one noticed it. They have a technology class and there’s a closet in the school that had fishing line in it and apparently they took it from there. They had bullied this particular child before, verbally for sure,” the students added.

In announcement to inform the parents, the Arsakeio school said that “disciplinary procedures will be initiated, so that the responsibility of the students involved will be investigated by the competent bodies (Teachers’ Association). Similarly, an urgent request for a Sworn Administrative Examination has already been submitted by the Regional Directorate of Secondary Education B’ Athens for any disciplinary responsibilities of teachers regarding the incident.”

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