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Body of a child spotted inside the port of Syros

The body of a child was spotted in the port of Ermoupolis on the island of Syros on Thursday afternoon. Port authorities and an ambulance have rushed to the area.

According to local media the body was initially spotted at a distance from a tugboat, however, it seems that it disappeared.

Efforts by the tugboat and private boats are underway to locate the body again and retrieve it.

KTG understands that the body most likely belongs to a migrant child.

Investigation blocks port traffic

the search operation in the port has blocked sea traffic with ferries to be moored either outside or inside the port with no possibility to move until the search is concluded.

High-speed ship Champion Jet 2, coming from Mykonos, has stopped outside the port of Syros, while Blue Star Paros is moored at the port, waiting to depart for the port of Piraeus in Attica.

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