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Sudan: Dramatic hours for Greeks trapped in Church; two injured

A group of Greeks have been trapped in a church in Khartoum since Holy Saturday morning as the capital of Sudan is in the middle of heavy fight between the government and paramilitary groups.

Two Greeks were injured when they left the church on Saturday. They are in hospital but neither doctors nor suppliers can help them for surgeries as it is too dangerous to leave their homes.

“If you open the door you are in danger,” the Bishop of Nubia and all Sudan, Savvas (Heimonetos) told state broadcaster ERT on Easter Sunday.

Together with another 15 worshipers, the Bishop has been trapped since Holy Saturday together with 15 other people in the building of the Orthodox Metropolis of Khartoum.

Worshipers are unable to go out as the country is on the brink of massive civil strife and gunfire is taking place in the streets.

The people inside the building are of all age groups and are Greek Orthodox, Sudanese, Ethiopians as well as a Russian woman with her child, Bishop Savvas said further. added.

He added that inside the Metropolis there are basic items to spend a few days, but that electricity and water are cut off, as in all of Sudan.

According to the bishop, all Greeks living in the area are in good health. There was one incident where a rocket hit a couple’s house, but no one was injured.

Two other Greeks were injured while they were leaving the church, though. One has been injured in the lower limbs and the other in one lower limb, abdomen and above the eye. Their condition is stable, surgeries were scheduled for today, Sunday.

Answering a question about the state of health of the two Greeks wounded in the legs, the Bishop said that their state of health is stable and does not inspire any concern. However, he added that  doctors are waiting when they will be able to have the necessary materials in their hands to they are doing the surgery, as the shops that supply the hospitals are closed due to the state of emergency.

Bishop Savvas stressed that the situation has intensified and is worse than yesterday, with neither side showing signs of backing down.

While Savvas was speaking earlier to Alpha TV, bullets could be heard falling like rain outside the Metropolis.

“No one had informed us that something would happen in Sudan,” Bishop Savvas underlined.

Note that Greece has no embassy in Sudan.

Foreign Ministry warning

Greece’s foreign ministry has advised the citizens of the country to avoid traveling to Sudan, while urging those already in the country to observe the highest possible caution and keep abreast of developments in the area.

“In view of the security situation in Sudan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs advises Greek citizens to avoid non-essential travel to the country. At the same time, Greek citizens currently in the country are advised to be regularly informed of developments, avoid unnecessary travel, and observe the highest possible security measures,” the ministry said in an announcement issued on Holy Saturday.

It also noted that Greece does not have a Diplomatic/Consular Mission in Sudan and that the competent authority is the Greek Embassy in Cairo, Egypt (telephone numbers (00202) 27955915, (00202) 27959443, (00202) 27951074, and emergency contact number 00201 220940119).

Read about the civil conflict in Sudan where over 56 people were killed in the last 24 hours here.

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