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17-year-old boy physically & sexually abused in detention center

A 17-year-old boy fell victim of repeated beating and rape in a juvenile detention center where he was sentenced to stay behind bars for six months.

A disciplinary investigation into the beating and rape of the boy in the detention center has been launched, even if with 1.5 month delay.

The boy is from Heraklio, Crete, while the juvenile detention center is located in Volos, Central Greece.

The minor reportedly filed a complaint a month and a half ago, that is on March 20, however, the General Secretariat of Anti-Criminal Policy has now announced its investigation order following the uproar caused by local media reports on Thursday, May 4.

The teenager testified at the Heraklion Security Directorate of Crete that he suffered brutal beating and gang-rapes by other minors in a juvenile detention center.

The complaint was made on March 20, when he was released from prison and told his mother about the nightmare he suffered, three days after his release.

With the boy still in the car and before reaching home, the mother immediately went to Security Dept of Greek Police in Heraklio, Crete police and filed a complaint for the physical and sexual abuse of her son.

The victim was examined by a psychologist and a coroner following his complaint.

He was also hospitalized for some time during his detention, with some media to report that his family was not informed about it.

Allegedly another child fell also victim to abuse by one of the five bullies in the same detention center.

“I was raped by five people almost every night for about 15 days until I was released. One was ending, the other was starting,” the teenager told local media website,

He described his horror experience from the first day of his detention, when his clothes were stolen and he was forced to fight with a fellow prisoner.

“If I didn’t, I’d have 20 people punching and kicking me,” the teenager boy  claimed.

It looks, however, that the gang not only abused the boy but it was also demanding money from him.

Speaking to Mega TV Live News on Thursday the victim’s mother said she was surprised that her son asked her almost every day for money. She estimated that he “spent” 50 euros per day.

According to the complaint, when he informed a relative about the abuse by phone, he was beaten again. When he asked to be transferred to a protective prison ward, he was beaten again.

Τhe boy’s detention in the juvenile center had been deemed necessary more for reasons of “punishment and reformation” after a serious domestic incident with his older sister.

For the mother it was a difficult decision to consent to such a measure, the boy  was convinced at the given time that this would only be done for his own good. “After all, the family would have daily contact with her son,” reported.

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