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Four teenagers arrested for gang raping a mentally ill woman

Police has arrested four teenagers for the gang rape of a 22-year-old woman in the town of Tyrnavos in central Greece. Arrested have been also the perpetrators’ parents, while a fifth member of the gang is being sought by police.

According to information reported by Mega TV, police have arrested four teenagers, aged 16-17.

Three of the minors allegedly participated in the rape, while the fourth, who according to information is 14 years old, filmed the rape.

The arrestees are all Greeks and are expected to be brought before the Prosecutor of Larisa on Monday.

The victim is expected to be examined by a medical examiner on Tuesday(!).

According to state broadcaster ERT, the victim is suffering from mental problems.

The arrestees reportedly admitted the sexual intercourse, however, they claimed that everything happened with her consent.

The alleged gang rape took place on Saturday, May 6, when the young woman  was leaving the Tyrnavos bazaar to return to Larissa.

Citing information cnngreece reports that the two minors grabbed the victim and pulled her to a closed gym. Then they called two others who participated in the rape, while there was also a fifth person who recorded the heinous act with his mobile phone.

The firth teenager has not been arrested yet and is wanted by the authorities for complicity in the rape.

the teenagers’ parents have been arrested for neglecting minors.

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