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Body of child washed ashore of Lefkada island

Bathers on the island of Lefkada were shocked to discover the body of a little child washed ashore in area of the Castle. ATTENTION THERE IS A GRAPHIC PICTURE BELOW.

The body was dressed, but half the waist down, while the remaining part is missing.

Λευκάδα: Σοκ στους λουόμενους στο Κάστρο από την εύρεση ανθρώπινου σώματος

Even more shocking is that the body belonged to a child and it was found by children at the beach who ran to the shore thinking it was a sea turtle.

Coast Guard and police are in the area in order to transport the body for a forensic examination and an autopsy.

According to first estimates, the body belonged to a migrant child from some shipwreck, local media ilefkada reported.

The Coast Guard of Lefkada in the Ionian Sea is carrying out investigation on the issue.

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