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Roaming bear spotted near Thessaloniki; municipality warning

Local residents at the Pilea-Chortiatis municipality, east of the city of Thessaloniki, have been warned about a rogue bear that was spotted roaming the region on Wednesday.

An eyewitness told state broadcaster ERT that he saw “a huge brown hump” not far from him, while he was walking together with his partner in the area of Hortiatis.

He also heard “strange footsteps at the same time.” It was about the bear that was spotted in the last few days looking for food in semi-mountainous and mountainous areas of the municipalities of Pylaia – Hortiati and Thermi.

The eyewitness added that they were terrified when they also heard growls very close to them.

The competent authorities have been alerted to the presence of the bear and are advising residents to remain calm, giving them advice on what to do in case they come face to face with the animal.

According to the municipality’s announcement, eye-witnesses saw the animal right below the radar on the path to Kissos, in the Makedonomachon area, near the park of Agia Paraskevi.

Should local residents spot the animal near them, noted the municipality, they are urged to inform the Pilea-Chortiatis police station 24/7, the municipality noted..

With the animal’s safety in mind, it was added, other services informed of its whereabouts include the Thessaloniki Forestry Authority, the Hellenic Police and the deputy regional governor.

Two months ago, a hungry bear had raid a farm with beehives in northern Greece, eating some 40 kg of honey.

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