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Karpathos: Donkeys rescue with life jackets via the sea way (video)

An unprecedented rescue of two donkeys by sea took place on Monday afternoon on a remote beach in northern Karpathos within the Natura 2000 protected area.

Τhe two animals were spotted on the remote beach by fishermen who called authorities.

Prompt was the response of the local authorities, the Fire Department, the Coast Guard, volunteers and a private boat that took the donkeys to safety.

Only way to rescue the animals was the sea way.

“We first had to have the donkeys trust us and then we put life jackets on them,” a firefighter told state broadcaster ERT.

“We had to take care that the animals did not swallow sea water or that water gets into their nostrils,” the firefighter described the measures they took in an operation that lasted 3 hours.


With great care, the donkeys were “pulled” to the nearby accessible beach “Vananda” and were handed over to their owners who were searching for them, the firefighter added.

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  1. This is animal wellfare!! So nice to see that people cares! And donkeys are, well quite stubborn but so loveable…. If the donkey allowes it, try and caress the ears, so soft…….