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Greece Elections: Seats projections, Varoufakis out

Projected seat distribution on the basis of revised exit poll. Eight parties in the Greek Parliament, three of them far-right. MeRA25 of Yanis Varoufakis did not pass the 3% threshold and stays out of the Parliament.

Abstention is at 48%!

Seats projection


  1. ND 157
  2. SYRIZA 47
  3. PASOK 33
  4. KKE 20
  5. Greek Solution 12
  6. Spartans 12
  7. NIKH 10
  8. Plevsi 8

Seats projections according to state-run ERT

  1. Image

Some elections expert advised that we have to wait for the final results to know the exact number of seats.

Note that ND gets 1 seat less than in 2019 elections.

Note also that mainstream media focus on whether Tsipras will resign as SYRIZA party leader and not 1) Neo-Nazis are in Parliament 2) ND did not get seats target of over 160 seats in a parliament of 300.

The leader of neo-nazis Spartans publicly thanked Golden Dawn convict Ilias Kassidiaris fro his support. The party was established after the elections in May, halrdy anyone knew the leader’s name.

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  1. I can’t help but make a few comments on Yanis Varoufakis’ departure from Parliament. Actually quite a historic event because for almost a decade, Varoufakis has been the symbol for several Greek ecstasies and agonies.

    My contacts with Varoufakis (always in writing; never in person) date back to mid-2011. Until his appointment as Finance Minister, they became very – sometimes even extremely – intensive with mutual publications in our respective blogs.

    During those years, I got to know a highly intelligent, greatly eloquent and charismatic even in writing individual. All his writings were characterized by honest intellectual debate without polemics. Many – if not most of the – times I found it easy to agree with his diagnoses. More often than not, I disagreed with his proposed solutions. But, again, it was always an honest intellectual debate without polemics.

    Things changed abruptly with Varoufakis’ appointment as Finance Minister. Suddenly there were polemics; suddenly there was arrogance. We communicated only very sporadically and on April 17, 2015, I wrote him:

    “Yanis: form now carries more weight than substance. Humility, which the ancient Greek philosophers wrote so much about, is required because, as Bill Gates once said, ‘Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking that they cannot lose’”.

    That was the last time I wrote to Varoufakis.

  2. Fascinating to see that there are still people willing to support the KKE communists..

  3. Are Greek Solution, NIKH, and Plevsi to the right or to the left?