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SPARTANS: The Trojan Horse of neo-nazi Golden Dawn in Greece’s Parliament

Far-right “Spartans”, a party unknown to the broader public, entered the new Parliament to be formed after the June 25 elections. Open support to the party was expressed by ilias Kassidiaris, a convicted neo-Nazi and former vice president of criminal organization Golden Dawn.

The Spartans won 4.7% of the votes on Sunday and elect 12 deputies in the new Parliament. 21.2% of the inmates in Domokos prison, where Kassidiaris serves his sentence, voted for the Spartans.

Right after the results announcements late Sunday, its leader Vassilis Stigas said in public statements:

“I thank Ilias Kasidiaris for being the fuel that gave us the impetus to reach this result.”

It is without doubt that it was Kassidiaris’ support that ‘skyrocketed” not only the party but also its leader’s name was unknown to the broader public until Sunday, while it is unclear where the party headquarters are located or the content of the party’s program.

According to data, the party with the support of Kasidiaris “stole” 20.3% of the votes from nationalist Greek Solution, 17% from orthodoxy-religious-party NIKI, 11.7% from Pleussi Eleftherias, 1.7% from ND and 30% from other parties.

What do they represent?

“The Spartans -Spartiates- party represents all the ideals and values of Hellenism. Spartans have arrived to unite not divide,” said Stigas in his Sunday statements stressing that the anti-systemic vote won.

“A national party, a national voice will again be in Parliament, after a long time,” he added and thanked party supporters for “the hard work we did for about three weeks.”

Note that the party was only practically created, between the two national elections of May 21 and June 25. The Supreme Court had excluded the party from the May elections as some candidates were also listed on arliament “Ellines” -Greeks-.

Its leader, 59-year-old Vassilis Stigas presents himself as “engaged in journalism, free reporting and the presentation of TV programs of political interest.”

He reportedly has hosted several times officials of the National People’s Consciousness party (ELASYN), founded in 2019 by Yiannis Lagos, also a convict of Golden Dawn leadership.

Through his past ‘political career’, Stigas is said to have gone through ex New Democracy PM Samaras’s “Political Spring” and far-right “LAOS” (Karatzaferis) and nationalist Union of Center (Leventis),

The party is described as “nationalist and conservative” and positions itself on the  extreme right of the political spectrum.

Its rhetoric is characterized as “ultranationalist” and “ultraconservative.”

The party itself appears as “defender of the popular patriotic right, the tripartite slogan of the colonels’ junta (1967-1974) “fatherland-religion-family” and “healthy Greek nationalism“.

The Spartans consider that the traditions of Hellenism are missing from public life nowadays and describe themselves as “the iron arm and the real bulwark that will stop the decline and the sell-out of Greece and the Greeks.”

Μonday morning, Spartans leader expelled a candidate from Lefkada, who was not elected, for not complied with the party’s “values.”

Dominiki Papadopoulou was active on social media, had participated in a reality show and had also posted private moments on OnlyFans.

Legislation loophole

Kassidiaris’ success to push own representatives to the Parliament proves that  New Democracy legislative effort to prevent a nationalist party in the Parliament failed.

The legislation had loopholes which the GD convict was quick to exploit.

That’s why Constitution experts from SYRIZA and PASOK had criticized the law, but ND decided to proceed with its own plan.

Newspaper tanea had recently warned of “A dangerous trick just before the polls” and reported to the “works and days of executives and candidates of the Spartans”, many of whom are directly related to Kasidiaris.

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  1. God help us. Golden Dawn also said they were supporters of Hellenic values, but all I recall is them beating and chastising immigrants, and creating “us” vs “them” divides. (And I am being very polite in this post).