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Ambulance service to be strengthen with Army & Fire Service assistance

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Wednesday that the Ambulance Service EKAV will be strengthen with the assistance  of the Army and the Fire Service.

During his introductory speech at the first cabinet meeting, Mitsotakis heralded “Better wages, better health service, better state, better life.”

In one sentence he spoke also of “covering some very urgent social needs” and cited the example of EKAV, that made the headlines in June, due to delayed arrival to emergency cases, resulting in the death of four women, two of them tourists, in less than four weeks.

“Let me mention one indicative initiative: the establishment of mixed crews of EKAV, so that they can respond quickly – especially in remote areas – with the assistance of specialized personnel from both the Armed Forces and the Fire Department.”

Worth noting is that Mitsotakis did not mention of strengthening the EKAV by hiring of staff, when also complaints about shortages in the ambulance service are increasing.

PS I suppose in Athens, Thessaloniki and other urban centers we can die waiting for urgent medical assistance,

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