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Part of bridge in Patras collapses: Dead, injured, people trapped in rubble

A road bridge in Patras partially collapsed early afternoon Sunday. At least, two people have killed, several people have been injured and and unknown number trapped under the rubble.

The part that collapsed in Mpozaitika area was some 40 meters long. The bridge in was undergoing maintenance work for the last 2 years and was built 15 years ago.

At the time of the collapse, a heavy type machine was on the bridge deck allegedly to open holes.

Under the bridge were 6 members from the nearby Roma community collecting scrap.

One man said that they were collecting scrap when the bridge collapsed and he survived only because he was a few meters away.

Dozens of firefighter as well as rescuers of EMAK Fire Service, Police and ambulances rushed to the spot, there are currently efforts to free people from the rubble.

The first rescued worker was taken to the hospital. According to local media, two more people were later pulled from the rubble, the health condition is not known.

Skai TV reported that at least 5 people were under the bridge, while an unknown number of workers were working on the bridge deck.

In a short statement, a local official said that there have been warnings that the bridge would collapse.

Head of Earthquake Prevention and Protection Efthymios Lekkas told state ERT Tv that the bridge was known to have static problems.

Members of the regional government have called on the contractor for explanations.

Note that at the time of the collapse temperatures in the area were at 42 degrees Celsius and workers are not allowed to work under such extreme weather conditions.

PS I have to note that there is a lot of misinformation going around as there is no official statement, so far. State ERT TV reported at 3 p.m. that there was one dead, 10 injured and some still under the rubble.

A bunch of people on social media mostly blame the Roma for the collapse claiming that they pulled iron bars out with bare hands [seriously!?]

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  1. Sending our heartfelt thoughts to the People of Greece, it as not been a good year, since the train crash, the wild fires etc

  2. if kids can pull reinforcing rods out of bridges with their bare hands, then there is not a bridge in Greece that anyone can trust. Talk to the builders! Talk to the government inspectors! Blaming anything on Roma kids pulling bars out of concrete is ridiculous.

  3. wouldnt be beyond possibility that the contractor got a ‘friendly connection’ deal to build it and went light on cement and rebar in the mix to save a few bucks. the bridge looks practically new in those photos (so one can also guess which government’s friendly connection built it)
    maybe the work crew will be dragged over the caols, but will the bridge now be inspected to see if it was actually constructed according to spec?